Prayer is a deep focus at Lighthouse Church

We have two prayer meetings during the week.  Anyone is welcome to attend and join us in prayer.

MONDAY EVENING PRAYER 4.00 pm to 4.45 pm and WEDNESDAY MORNING PRAYER 7.30 am to 8.00 am

Other prayer resources available:

24-7 Prayer Room

The Prayer room is a quiet area at the very front of the church which is available to use any time of the day.  Please call in to the office for the code to access the room.


Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is available after each Worship Service

Prayer Points

Any prayer requests can be emailed to or you can call          the Church Office (08) 9964 4169


Sermons are recorded every week and are available on request from the church office either as a Dropbox link sent directly to your email address or saved to a CD. 


Please advise the office of the date of the service, the name of the preacher and which format you would like the recording.  Thank you.