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Relationships throughout the church.

Our faith and relationships with

God through dicipleship.

The abilities and resources

of our members.

In Wisdom through applying

the Word of God


Life together as a family.

Faith and spiritual gifts through ministry to each other.  

Talents and resources to 

bless one another.

Experience, wisdom and knowledge 

to benefit each other.



Connect with the people in the

local community and beyond.​

​Assist people at their point of need.

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Declare, demonstrate and uphold God's Word.



Kids Church


Cherith Nelson-Milnes

Finance Officer/


Vicki Shuttlewood

Church Operations


Garth de Kock

Youth Ministry 


Chelsie Bunter

Thank you for checking out our website.

Lighthouse Church is a multi-generational, contemporary and evangelical congregation of The Uniting Church in Australia, located in Geraldton, Western Australia. We are a family of Christ-followers from various backgrounds who come together to REACH OUT to our community, to SHARE our lives and experiences with one another and to GROW together in our faith.

We would love to have you join us at one of our regular worship services, Connect Groups or any of our other ministries including Decibel Youth, Community Cafe, Kidz Church, Playgroup or just come and pop-in to our office and say hi.

​Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you!


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We are a congregation of The Uniting Church in Australia and are also a member of the Propel Network of Evangelical Congregations within The Uniting Church in Australia.​

We believe in the authority of the Bible as God's Word for us. We believe that Jesus was crucified for us, rose again and is alive today; and we believe that God's Spirit guides and empowers our lives as we follow Jesus.

Lighthouse members include all generations with diverse backgrounds. We value each and every person and seek to honour God and all our members in what we do. Lighthouse has a range of activities, something to suit everyone.

Lighthouse has its own distinctive style. During our worship time you may notice that some people raise their hands, some might kneel, some might dance and some will wave a flag.  Worship is a time of celebration that will mean different things to different people, we encourage you to join in.

We exist to GROW, SHARE & REACH OUT with God & for God.





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